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About Peter 

I am a 3D character animator currently at Digital Frontier FX! I studied for four years at Savannah College of Art and Design and two years at Animschool. I have had the privilege to intern at Vicarious Visions my junior year and after graduating working at Pixomondo, Framestore, MPC and now Digital Frontier FX

My passion for animated content started when I was little, watching Wacky Races and Tom and Jerry early in the morning. My passion for creating animated content started in middle school when I would create Lego stop motion videos for school projects and just for fun! My parents got me my first computer in 8th grade and that is when I discovered Blender and eventually Maya. Ever since then I have been passionate about creating believable performances fun for everyone to enjoy!

When I am not behind a desk animating I enjoy cheering for my favorite baseball team, the Minnesota Twins! When it is not baseball season I love playing guitar, biking, and eating ice cream! A fun fact about myself is that I have logged almost 50 dives! My family is scuba certified and we have dove many of the lakes in Minnesota and a few years ago we took a dive trip to Belize!

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