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About Peter 

I am a 3D character Animator currently studying at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and I am also taking courses through AnimSchool! This past year I had the opportunity to be the 3D animation lead on SCAD Animation Studio’s first film “Bearly”. Finally, this past summer I had the great opportunity to intern with Vicarious Visions/Activision.

My passion for animated content started when I was little, watching Wacky Races and Tom and Jerry early in the morning. My passion for creating animated content started in middle school when I would create Lego stop motion videos for school projects and just for fun! My parents got me my first computer in 8th grade and that is when I discovered Blender and eventually Maya. Ever since then I have been passionate about creating believable performances fun for everyone to enjoy!

When I am not behind a desk animating I enjoy cheering for my favorite baseball team, the Minnesota Twins! When it is not baseball season I love playing guitar, biking, and eating ice cream! A fun fact about myself is that I have logged almost 50 dives! My family is scuba certified and we have dove many of the lakes in Minnesota and a few years ago we took a dive trip to Belize!

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